Motivated staff are half the work!


As an alternative to hiring personnel, Top Work Groep now offers you the additional option to outsource your work or parts of it. When you opt to outsource your work, we work with you to decide which of your work Top Work Groep can take over from you. In addition to you no longer having any concerns about taking on extra employees, outsourcing also makes your costs more manageable. Outsourcing can be based on piecework or a price per job.


Transparency makes it possible for us to offer optimal service in solving labour capacity shortages in several ways, particularly by supplying qualitatively suitable personnel and in the right place.

Providing quality work is our central theme. When we handle requests for tasks that vary from our core activities, we handle this fact very carefully.

First of all, we look closely at how we can achieve this within our capacities and without any compromise on quality. And we always work in cooperation with our clients to seek out the best solutions for specific situations.

Below you can see how we work.

New applications come in through our registration form. We also use networking among our group of experienced personnel. During recruitment, the employees are informed about the working methods and conditions that are applicable for our client and for Top Work Groep. This is also done in the employee’s native language if necessary.

During selection and placements, we pay a lot of attention to the on-site supervisor’s wishes. To limit the travel time for each location, we always give some thought to having the people living within a certain radius of each other.

Having motivated personnel is half the work! Working in cooperation with the client, we review and discuss the employees’ functionality and performance on a weekly basis. If there are any bottlenecks, we pay extra attention to the employees concerned. Every week we hold meetings with selected employees to discuss the necessary requirements and to keep motivation and trust up to standard. We offer on-site supervisors to provide support at each location.

After selecting and informing the right people, the work gets started. In collaboration with our clients, we periodically assess the work and we then offer advice based on the assessment, with regard to employee development, remuneration or departure. And our on-site supervisors are always available to assess performance on the spot.

Periodically, we look into the options with the employees. We discuss and assess progress. And we work together to seek solutions. Our supervisors try to guide and train employees as much as possible in their own languages. We are happy to offer our employees courses that will benefit performance of their tasks.

We ensure good mutual confidence with our employees. There are periodic salary increases. This increase depends partly on the performances delivered. We also offer our employees the prospect of becoming supervisors in the future. Experienced people are rewarded with a higher hourly rate. In addition, we offer our employees assistance from our intermediaries in regard to personal matters such as correspondence and meetings with municipal authorities.

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International network

Our employees are people who originate from various countries including the following: The Netherlands, Poland, Moldavia, Turkey, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary. We have a good network in Poland and Moldova in particular, and we use it to recruit experienced and qualitative personnel.